RootEdHow Trauma Impacts Learning and Society

S.R. Zelenz

RootED: How Trauma Impacts Learning and Society 

Contemporary education and the majority of school reform efforts have continuously moved toward maladaptations that are increasingly responsible for a number of problems facing young people and our world at large. The emerging field of epigenetics, neuroscience, and psychology may offer support for this contention and can contribute to new levels of awareness and action relating to problems and prospects in education, parenting, and overall societal change. With this assumption in mind, I propose a theoretical analysis that attempts to answer the following question: "How do epigenetic, neuroscience, and psychology theories support a call for education reforms based on brain development response to trauma and adaptations to teaching and learning for those with trauma ancestry or history?"

This work covers the way in which our current educational systems, teaching methods, parenting methods, and attitudes about children are impacting their brain development and contributing to the level of increasing narcissism and abuse in our society. This book will offer in-depth research covering the rationale behind this premise and steps that can be taken in order to reverse course for this current trajectory for our society and the youth in our care.

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RootEdHow Trauma Impacts Learning and Society
Zemii Media and Publishing Group LLC, Shella Zelenz December 19, 2023
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