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42 Interview Questions for Managers (With Example Answers)

27 High-Paid Entry-Level Jobs in Los Angeles (With Salaries)

How To Write an "About Me" Page (With Example)

What Does a School Bus Driver Do? (Duties and Requirements)

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10 Different Types of Work Visas for Working in the US

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12 Music-Related Jobs Beyond Performing (With Salaries)

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Holacracy: Definition, Origin, Benefits and Examples

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10 Courses in Fashion Design for Aspiring Designers

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Creative Director vs. Art Director: What's the Difference?


3-Day Itinerary to Discover Jeju Island


Automate Your Personal Finance With These 5 Tips


Pros and Cons of Ductless Cooling


Dr. Schoene: Ingrown Toenail Specialist Chicago

Dr. Schoene: Signs You’ve Fractured Your Foot or Ankle

Dr. Schoene: How Obesity Hurts Feet

Dr. Schoene: Chronic Ankle Pain? Here are # Signs You May Have Achilles Tendonitis

Dr. Schoene: What happens if you let a bunion go untreated?

Dr. Schoene: Why are my toenails so thick and hard to cut?

Dr. Schoene: Do I Have Plantar Fasciitis? 4 Things to Know

Dr. Schoene: What is a biomechanical foot assessment?

Dr. Schoene: How to keep your feet soft and callous-free

Dr. Schoene: Pediatric Podiatrist Expansion

Yamaha Endorsement

Reggie Johnson – Yamaha Synthesizer Artist


Inspiring Women on a Mission

Angelic Housing Resources Foundation, Inc.

San Diego Chorus

Always Choose Adventures

B.F. Skinner Foundation

Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation

S.T.A.R.S. Community Development Corporation

Project PoSSUM

NYC Arts Cypher

South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency

Faithful Covenant Foundation

Nonprofit Blog Writing

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Book Publishing

Chapters from “RootEd: How Trauma Impacts Learning and Society”


Medical Research Study Videos

Alcohol Consumption and Dementia Risk

Air Pollution and Depression

Physical Activity, Cardiovascular Health, and Depression

Marketing Videos

Zemii Media and Publishing Group Intro Video

Don’t Read This Book

RootEd: Narcissism Training

RootEd: Relationships and Self-Control

RootEd: Mirroring in Authority

RootEd: Parenting

RootEd: Normalized Trauma

RootEd: School Governance

RootEd: Education Unsatisfactory

RootEd: Education Ineffective

RootEd: Dehumanizing Children

Book Readings

RootED Chapter 11 pt. 2

RootEd Chapter 11 pt. 1

RootEd Chapter 15

RootEd Chapter 13 pt. 1

Ghost Writing and Other Samples
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