The San Diego Chorus

The San Diego Chorus is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a Nonprofit all-women’s chorus. We are a musical education society for women, committed to fostering musical skills, promoting personal growth through leadership, and providing performance opportunities. We welcome women 14 years and older to join the chorus. There is no upper age limit and we have members in their 80’s. They do not have to have formal musical training.

Mission Statement

Sweet Adelines promotes friendship and a sense of belonging among women of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. The San Diego Chorus is dedicated to musical excellence and education for women of all ages. We harmonize the world.


Women who sing live longer and have fewer health problems. Singing in a chorus also provides tremendous emotional support. Our organization provides many opportunities to learn how to be a musical educator, contest judge, arranger, or administrator. It also gives women a chance to expand their leadership abilities through chapter governance. Women in our chorus support each other through all joys and challenges in life.

Organization History

We are dedicated to providing musical education over a woman’s lifetime so that there is a place to sing at any age or stage of life. We measure success by the number of women who are able to participate. The San Diego Chorus is 65 years old and has provided musical education for thousands of women of all ages and backgrounds. Our current chorus ranges in age from 22 to 86 years old. We are diversified racially and socioeconomically. We have military veterans, gay women, and physically handicapped women in our group. Much can be learned about our organization on the Sweet Adelines International website: or on our own website at


We would like to expand our outreach to minority and lower income women by creating funded programs that make it possible for them to participate. We would also like to expand our youth outreach to female students ages 14-24. The following are the performances and activities we plan to include in their sponsorship and outreach in the coming year:

  • All Star A Cappella Festival
  • December Nights at Balboa Park
  • Sweet Adelines International Contest

The Girl Scouts of America has created a special badge for young women who participate in a Sweet Adelines chorus activity. We are forming a youth chorus comprised of girl scouts and other students in our county. This chorus will be directed by Assistant Directors, Rebecca Land and Reema Hayashida. There are no paid volunteers for this effort. Women from the chorus will assist with food service at rehearsals, chaperoning, etc. Total volunteers for this effort will number about 20. These women will begin public performances in September.

Free Voice Lessons for Women targets younger and less affluent women who are invited to attend a regular weekly rehearsal where there are volunteers involved in teaching the fundamentals of music theory, sight reading and vocalization. These women may audition for the chorus and will be offered scholarships for dues subsidy for their first year. The volunteer team for this is about 20 members. Our biggest challenge for this program is that we will not have dues revenue from regular members to support them. Financial assistance will allow us to provide this education at no cost.

The San Diego Chorus
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