Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation

The Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established around the artistic legacy of Ms. Honeywood’s more than 40-year extensive contribution to the artwork of the African American culture. Her work was so well loved, that during the 1990s, Honeywood illustrated a series of 12 books by Bill Cosby, the Little Bill books for beginning readers. Little Bill was made into an animated television series based on Honeywood’s illustrations. She designed the characters and contributed to and consulted on the program that was broadcast on Nick Jr., Viacom, CBS networks.

Currently Little Bill can be seen online. Little Bill won a 2001 Peabody Award, a 2004 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Series, and a best-selling series, Oprah Book Club list. Varnette appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as the illustrator of the Little Bill series.

Ms. Honeywood passed away from uterine cancer in 2010. Her request was that the foundation would help support research for curing various reproductive cancers and provide cancer prevention awareness. The focus of the foundation is to provide cancer awareness and support cancer research relating to reproductive cancers. To provide contributions in support of medical and other scientific research focused on eradicating cancer of the various reproductive organs in men and women. We offer awareness and fundraising campaigns through art health seminars and art programs at various libraries, festivals, exhibits, and workshops. The foundation also provides art supplies to various communities.


Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation is inspired by the principals of fostering a sense of common ground among all people, improving the quality of life for every member of the human family, and cultivating a widespread shared commitment to creating a more enlightened society for the benefit of future generations.

Organization History

Well-known nationally and internationally renowned artist and illustrator, Varnette P. Honeywood, is highly regarded for her use of color and light, patterns, and textures. Her work, primarily paintings, collages, prints mixed-medium art, lithograph, serigraph, silk screen, mono-printing, oil on canvas, watercolor, watercolor with gold leaf, ceramic tile, acrylic on paper, acrylic on canvas, pen and sketch, and pen and ink, has received global exposure in galleries, museums, and individual and group shows as well as in books and on television. Honeywood is famous for her upbeat depictions of African American family life. Carrying on the tradition of genre painting, an African American artistic movement that followed in the wake of the Harlem Renaissance, her work portrays African Americans in a range of settings, going about various activities, always stressing the colorful and creative aspects of African American culture. Her work tells stories and communicates ideas and thoughts about African American culture. Much of Honeywood’s art concerns the history of African Americans, their sufferings, and triumphs, and celebrates the strength and leadership of African American people.

Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation is currently in its early phase of organization and development. When Varnette passed away from uterine cancer, it was one of her wishes to create a foundation that could utilize her artistic accomplishments to help provide support in the medical community and those suffering from reproductive cancers. Tiffany, Varnette’s cousin, uses her medical background to reinforce the wishes of her cousin. The foundation owns the copyright to all of Varnette’s artwork. We showcase her artwork globally. There is also a lack of preventive education available for cancer awareness in the communities who need it most. This was the most logical choice to celebrate and honor Varnette’s wishes.


We foster the significance and continue art programs in various communities that have frequently been taken away. We want to incorporate Varnette’s story of art to inspire fellow artists and future artists. We give scholarships to those pursuing art degrees, donate art and school supplies, and hold art seminars and workshops. The primary demographic for our art programs is youth ages 4-17 and are most often African American. We are not exclusive of race or age.

We also want to aid in the fight against uterine cancer and provide enough information to the community about preventive medicine. We also want to donate to a few cancer research labs that are finding a cure. The demographics that we wish to serve include adults of all races, genders, disabilities, and art students who have uterine cancer or are at risk for reproductive cancers.

Current Programs

  • Varnette P. Honeywood at the Library – Library art programs for children (various activities, art program for adults, and a seminar).
  • Mosiac Cancer Preventive Medicine Program – Mosiacart events for fundraising and auction.
  • Preventive Medicine Program vendor at various community events providing free information about preventive medicine and uterine cancer.
  • Mobile Art Program – Art program to reach other areas outside of LA County.
  • Traveling art showcase, inspire, and fundraise across America
  • Mobile art program – art program to reach other areas outside of LA County
  • Traveling Art Show – showcase, inspire, and fundraise across America
  • Vendor at various events to pass out art supplies and school supplies to and fundraise across America.

Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation is focused on the following priorities:

  • Art Scholarship programs for talented and promising art students, which include art supplies.
  • Creating and uplifting self-awareness through Art, Creativity, and Education (ACE).
  • Cancer Prevention research focused on conquering cancer of the cervix, ovaries, uterus, reproductive, and testicles (COURT).
  • Providing cancer awareness and aiding cancer research for communities afflicted by reproductive cancers.

Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation
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