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In the forum, answer the following questions. You may or may not be planning a capital campaign at this time. However, for this discussion, we will simulate a capital project so that you can practice the steps necessary to implement an effective capital campaign.

Your organization has outgrown the facilities you currently use. You have two choices: purchase new property or build onto your current property to expand the space available. Choose one for your planning efforts.

  • Which project did you choose?

  • What is the cost of your project?

  • Do you have staff who can implement this campaign? Will you need to hire outside council to manage this particular fundraising project?

  • What does your current donor base look like? Are they in a position to assist with this project or are you going to have to procure new donors who are in a better position to substantially support your project goals?

  • Do you have an effective donor development strategy in place to procure substantial funding from your current donor base? 

  • What is your strategy for finding new donors?

  • What is your needs statement (the reason you need the funding)? Draft a needs statement that clearly highlights that your community needs this project to be completed. Demonstrate value to the community. Discuss how current realities are not sufficient without this capital project. Substantiate your evidence.

  • Are there other projects in your community that are similar? Why is your different or necessary?

  • Describe how  you would implement a feasibility study.

  • What is your campaign schedule? When will you implement each piece and what is the timeline for completion of the project?

  • What does your donor recognition plan look like?

  • Provide a budget for your project (if it is a purchase, a total cost is sufficient). 

These are the key ingredients you need:
● Strong campaign leadership

● Strong case for support

● Workable gift chart

● Budget

● Campaign message for all media outlets

● Campaign timeline defined

● Launching event defined

● Campaign closing date defined

● Donor recognition plan