This community is for nonprofit professionals enrolled in the Nonprofit Basics courses.
Share and discuss the the concepts in the courses in order to help build better nonprofits together.

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This is a large category. In the forum, describe what aspects you intend to address with your nonprofit and what steps you will take. Identify which ones you are currently actively doing and which ones you will start. If there are some that you can’t or won’t do, explain why that is not an option for you. These are the categories. Refer to the guide for specific aspects to discuss.

● Conducting a Community Assessment

● Delivering Training and Technical Assistance

● Designing and Managing a Sub-award Program

● Going Virtual

● Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices

● Leading a Nonprofit Organization: Tips and Tools for Executive Directors and Team


● Managing Crisis: Risk Management and Crisis Response Planning

● Managing Public Grants

● Measuring Outcomes

● Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together

● Sustainability

● Working with Consultants

● Audience