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In the forum, write out how you will engage the following people:

  1. What will you send to those who attended the event? Please write out the narrative you will send them.

  2. What will you send to those who couldn’t attend the event? Please write the narrative you will use to encourage giving for those who were unable to attend. They aren’t a lost cause if they just couldn’t make it. Don’t lose the opportunity to include them any way they can engage.

  3. What will you send to those who donated at the event? Write out the narrative you will send to them.

  4. Create a visual representation of your successful fundraising event for your public audience and post this in the forum with a link to your cloud storage location. 

  5. Create a report for your board representing the success of your fundraising event. Include any missed opportunities, failures, and details that are noted for future reference in the next fundraising event.

  6. Write the narratives you will use to thank the following people:

    1. Volunteers

    2. Planning Committee