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In the forum, write out the goals you have for your fundraising event. Are the goals a specific dollar amount? Are they for procuring new donors as well? Is your fundraising event about purchasing something or another capital project? Be very specific. How will you measure the success of the event goals? How will you demonstrate to donors the importance of the project and why the funding or support is necessary?

Use the following examples for ideas when writing out your metrics:


● Number of event registrations

● Cost of the event (actual vs. retail)

● Amount of monies raised at the event

Demonstrate the manner in which the number of registrants equals an estimation of funds

raised minus event costs.


● Goal – 200 donors

● Invite 400 attendees

● Fundraising goal $50,000

● Fundraising event cost $10,000

● Average donor estimate (based upon 200 donors) $200

● Funds raised (est.) $40,000

● Funds raised minus event cost – $30,000