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In the forum, address what you notice in the three budget samples. 

  1. Do they adhere to the instruction in the budget writing guide?

  2. What is their largest budget category?

  3. Foundations prefer administrative costs to be less than 50% of the costs (much less, if possible). Which of these budgets would not succeed? Why?

  4. On budget 3, salaries are separated, explain why this is not good to display on the visual. Are the salaries administrative or program? Does the line item budget clarify? How would the pie chart change if the salaries were properly placed in the right categories? Would this budget then pass the 50% or less threshold if salaries were placed appropriately? Can you tell where those salaries belong based on the information provided? How would you feel as a foundation if you received this as a budget sample?

Write the budget narrative for your organization that goes with the budget that you created in the last unit. Post your budget narrative in the forum.