This community is for nonprofit professionals enrolled in the Nonprofit Basics courses.
Share and discuss the the concepts in the courses in order to help build better nonprofits together.

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In the forum, answer the questions found on the Client Information Form. Focus on the following questions:

Organization Profile

  1. Describe your organization's purpose in 3 sentences or less (not your mission statement)

  2. What is your official Mission Statement?

  3. Please list previously awarded grants (foundation name, award amount, year received)

  4. What is the purpose of your current grant request efforts?

  5. What outstanding grant applications do you have at this time (pending award)?

  6. How much money have you already raised for this effort?

  7. List current funding sources for this particular effort/project (where they come from and how much)

  8. What other fundraising efforts are you planning for this project (specific events scheduled, corporations to approach, private donors to approach)?

Mission & Purpose

  1. In your own words, what is the purpose of your organization?

  2. What does your organization do? (List actual activity)

  3. What demographics do you serve (gender, race, sexual orientation, economics, disability, veteran, location, general group aka homeless, etc. - however also include the other categories if using terms such as homeless, etc.)

  4. Why is your mission important?

  5. What other organizations do similar efforts as your organization?

  6. What other organizations do you collaborate efforts with?

  7. What happens if your organization is not in your community? (What problem or need will be left unmet)?

  8. What data have you collected regarding this problem? Please list.

  9. What geographic area do you serve?

  10. What counties do you serve?

  11. What countries do you serve? (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.)

  12. Organization History (why did the founder start the organization and what has the organization accomplished to date?)

  13. What populations do you serve? (At-Risk Youth, Homeless, Elderly, etc.)


Please list all details for each program you wish to fund through grants.

  1. List all current programs already in operation.

  2. What programs currently in operation are you seeking grant funding for?

  3. What programs do you plan to launch with grant funding (this is not commonly supported by foundations, but can be if the organization has other programs and is actively seeking funding from non-grant sources on a regular basis and can demonstrate strong fundraising efforts)?

  4. Impact on the community statement and statistics on current impact on the community (if available)