I want to speak with someone about grant services.

Please schedule an appointment by clicking on the “Appointment” menu located at the top of the main webpage. From there you select the option that interests you. After clicking your selection,  you can choose an appointment time that works for you, and you may even receive a contract for review prior to your appointment.

Where do I find out about my grant submissions?

Your grant submission report is a link that was sent to you. This Google Doc is a live document that is updated by our team as we work. Keep this link for all future reference on grants submitted. You can share this link with your board so that they can also be kept up to date. The link will always be stored in your Client Portal. Your portal login was emailed to you when you began services. If you do not have this email, please contact us to resend it to you. This report does not apply to New Nonprofit Grant Package clients.

How long do grants take to fund?

Many grants take an average of 6 months to fund. Some can be sooner and some can be later. Foundations set up their own calendars with deadlines, review dates and notice timeframes. Some are upfront with this information. Others do not disclose their calendar information. Some accept requests year-round, others quarterly, monthly, or annually. We cannot move the foundation deadlines, no matter how quickly you need funding. We also cannot control how fast they respond. Contacting a foundation to ask about your application is usually not recommended. Sometimes it can hurt your request. Patience is the name of the game. Your grant submission report will list any information we have regarding each submitted request’s Foundation calendar. If there is no information listed, then we have no more information to provide. Some foundations may never send any notice if they are not interested. Some will send decline letters immediately if you are not running in their competition. Some may contact you for further information, request an additional application form,  want to interview your staff, or do a site visit. Please watch your mail, email (check your spam folder, too!), and voicemail for any notice from a foundation. If you fail to respond, you will be disqualified. We cannot track that for you. You need to be diligent on this aspect. Always send in every response you get from a foundation, positive or negative. The grant submission report link will always be stored in your Client Portal (see the menu). Your portal login was emailed to you when you began services. If you do not have this email, please contact us to resend it to you.

Grant Ready

Help us to help you with your grant applications. The Client Information Form requests a lot of details from your organization in order for us to properly provide the best possible research and grant proposal.  In order to learn more about being grant ready, please visit our Grant Readiness Resources page.