Book and Research Editing and Ghostwriting

Customized packages available for those seeking to have a complete publication produced or edited for publication. 

Research Services

If you are in need of a researcher for your book, publication, or documentation, we offer research services independent of writing and editing services.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum designed for online learning. Please inquire for more information.

White Papers

White papers ranging from 5-18 pages offer comprehensive research and substantial reinforcement of your company’s value. Fast Track your success in the industry with an astute white paper that marks your position as a leader in the field.

Business Plans

Comprehensive business plans for your non-profit or for-profit business.

Press Releases and Blogs

Need ongoing writing support for your social media, blog, or press releases? Customized packages available.

Grant Packages

Organizations with who are seeking grant writing assistance or a regular grant writing team to prepare submissions for you. Packages vary by number of grants submitted. 

Click here to download a PDF for your upcoming board meeting.

Government Grant Application

Organizations with well-established budgets and strong funding history who are seeking a local, state, or federal grant will find our service to be perfect for their needs.

All programs include:

– Research

– Document Collection and Preparation

– Verification of eligibility and any potential issues that may prevent award

– Narratives, Budget Customization, Application Preparation, and Reports

– Outreach as Required

– Seminars as Required